Where is the heart? It doesn’t seem like anyone puts heart into what they do anymore. We go

through the motions hoping that we’ll “accidentally” do something of value. That we will

stumble across importance. That doesn’t happen. Value and importance are illusive creatures

that don’t give up their position to just anyone. They only reveal themselves to the hungry. To

those that are willing to give more than the bare minimum. To those that are willing to sacrifice

everything. They are usually found in the mundane activities of life. They keep company with

the faithful. Those who have given priority to the things that really matter. They are not

usually applauded and you will rarely find them in the limelight. They are all around us but we

rarely see them because we are looking for excitement and adventure. There’s nothing wrong

with adventure as long as you’ve answered one very important question. Why? Why are we

doing what we are doing? Do the things we focus on have eternal consequence? If not, we

need to do something different. We need to go on the greatest adventure of all, finding what is

valuable and important to Yahweh. Take a good hard look at what you’re fighting for. Is it

worth it? Or is there something inside of you longing for more?


“Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls” Psalms 42:7.


That’s where you’ll find value and importance. They are in that waterfall. They are wherever

that deep call is coming from. Listen. Don’t drown it out with unnecessary noise. Just listen

and hear His deep calling to yours. That’s where we find who we really are. And when we peer

into His depth we discover that He has placed depth in us. Depth is what we are all longing for.

Something of substance that overcomes the mediocrity and compromise that this world is

known for. Depth that will not allow us to hope for “accidental accomplishment” but rather the

strategies and intentions that the Father has always had for us. So continue your search for

value and importance but don’t forget to open your eyes and ears. They are closer than you


the rock of nw arkansas waterfall