The Rock of Northwest Arkansas As artists we tend to value ourselves by our craft.  I’ve written before about the “comparison trap” where we constantly devalue what we create by comparing ourselves with other artists.  The danger being that we never truly create anything genuine because we are not being authentic in our approach.  What if I told you that the real key is to not take credit for your art at all?  That’s right, because you re only creative because the creator has given you something to create with.  We do not own our talents and abilities we steward them.  When you steward a gift you are no longer the focus.  A steward only manages and cultivates whatever the master gives him, for the benefit of the master.  Your gift is delegated.

Think of it this way.  You are pulled over by the police because you were speeding.  The police officer gets out of his car and approaches your window.  On his badge are the words “deputy sheriff”.  Although he is not the sheriff, he holds all the authority of the position of the sheriff because it has been delegated to him as a deputy.  Whatever decision he makes will be supported by the office that he represents.  It is the same with our gifts.  We do not own the creative expression we operate in, we re-present it.  We are deputies of the creator and if our hearts are lined up with His, we will create what He desires and He in turn will back up the expression that flows from us.

I know we have all experienced the deep impact of an art form that was clearly backed up by something greater than the artist.  As spirit filled individuals we must constantly tap into the heart and mind of the Father and create by the rhythm of his song.  Our influence will be commensurate with the position of our heart towards Yahweh.  There is no other life and there is no other creator.  So turn your heart to the one that has gifted you.  No matter how clear the vision you have of whatever art form you have chosen to utilize, it is the tip of the iceberg as it relates to the Fathers purpose for you.  So dive deep.

Written by Kevin Kiehn