There is really no such thing as an inanimate object.  Sure, there are things all around you right now that are still and appear lifeless.  The building you’re in, the furniture you’re sitting on or the clothes that you’re wearing.  But the truth of the matter is that at the atomic level, things are moving.  There is no such thing as stagnation.  Things are either growing or deteriorating but never standing still.  There is something else that is triggered when there is movement.  It is what we know as sound.  Sound is, at it’s very basic definition, a vibration that travels through the air.  So with this being established we now know that if there is movement at the atomic level there is also sound at the atomic level.  There is no such thing as stagnation or silence.  Even though we may not be able to intelligibly distinguish these movements and sounds we cannot deny that they exist.


This is true in the spirit as well.  You are always creating movement and sound.  You are never neutral. You color your environment every day with the spirit that you walk in.  If you are releasing anger, the movement and sound emitting from you will be a destructive force that will leave carnage in your wake. On the adverse if you are emitting hope, the sound coming from you will be a force that will re-shape the hearts and minds of the people that you come into contact with for the better.  We are never neutral.  We are catalysts.  Our job is to be such a paradox in the culture of the world that our involvement cannot help but agitate what has become accepted.  Most people live in a casket of idealism that they don’t even understand.  They get swept up in causes that are based on emotion and not on living breathing truth.  Everything is emitting a sound and if you can find a point of resonation, you can amplify that sound to the point that it can no longer be ignored.  So move with the spirit and be a sound that can be distinguished amidst the noise of this world.  The earth is waiting for a sound.  Be that sound!