I remember the first song I ever wrote.  It was terrible.  At least it seems terrible as I look back on it now.  However, it is arguably the most important song I have ever written.  Why?  Because it was my first song.  Without that song there would have never been a second or a third or a fourth.  Without that song I would have never learned from my mistakes.  If it wasn’t for that song, I would have continued to think “I can’t write a song”.  It is vital to our expressive nature that we launch out into the “first time” adventures.  Instead of going after what we already excel in, we should be looking for opportunities to experience things that we have never done before.  This is of utmost importance because it is the way that we usher Holy Spirit into our lives.  It is called faith.

This beautiful life escapes most people because of the fear that so forcefully opposes it.  What will people think?  What if I mess up?  What if I make a fool of myself?  These questions and their presupposed outcomes intimidate us into a life of conformity and mediocrity.  The world changers have never been normal.  The unassuming have never influenced change.  It is the ones who dare to defy the status quo that go down in history as more than mere humans and become a voice that can never be silenced.

To inspire is a priceless quality.  We all possess the possibility of it but few live in it’s reality.  One definition of inspire is to:

“fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

Another definition is “to breathe in” or to be “in-spirit”.  So when you release the Holy Spirit inside of you in any form or fashion, you are giving someone the opportunity to “breathe in” the very spirit of God and incite within them the ability to do something they couldn’t have done before.  That is powerful.  That is inspiration.

So who is being inspired by your life?  Do you inspire yourself? (that’s a whole different topic) How much Holy Spirit is being released by your existence?  If you can’t answer these questions with any certainty don’t worry, It’s never too late to start.  To inspire in this life is a good thing but to live our lives in such a way that we inspire long after we are gone, that is a great victory.


Written by Kevin Kiehn