Sound is such a huge part of the human experience. Before birth, we were soothed by the calming sounds in our mother’s womb – a symphony of life sounding off all around us. As soon as we enter this world we release a cry, we stake a small but significant claim on the sonic landscape. Months later we develop coos and gurgles that we release at every possible moment to capture the attention of those around us. Sound has always intrigued us and has always been our primary tool for communication.

vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

There is an artist within all of us, and while there are many forms of art and expression that could be noted, we are going to stick to music for now. The Rock of Northwest Arkansas has always valued the medium of music to express the Word of Yahweh that has been delivered to us by Holy Spirit. The men and women that make up our worship team value their roles very earnestly and always desire to release a pure flow of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to write and record music that brings glory to Yahweh and builds great faith in those who hear it. We have written a song recently that we believe does just that called, “Flood”.


Staring at
A wall of stone that is holding back
Your glory, but I see a crack
Forming in the dam
This old mindset
Is being broken by a mighty torrent
Of Your Truth that just will not relent
I see it caving in

And all it takes from me is giving up
To remove my finger from the hole that I’ve plugged
Knowing I will never be the same
I raise my hands as the earth begins to quake

And I let go
I let go
As Your raging river takes control
And I let go
I let go
As Your grace and goodness swallow me whole

I will not hold back the deluge of Your love
I will let You come and fill me up
I’m tearing out the levees in my mind
And the dessert of my heart’s no longer dry

We don’t have a recording we can release just yet, but we hope to provide one soon. The heart of the song “Flood” is to express the overwhelming grace and goodness of Yahweh that is usually held at bay by an unbelieving or fearful heart. Picture a man standing in front of a massive dam. The dam represents an old mindset, an old way of thinking. The water behind the dam is Yahweh’s unlimited love, grace, provision, and joy (just to name a few). Although the dam is strong, it has been worn down over time by the shear force of the current behind it, leaving it vulnerable and crumbling. As a result, the dam has sprung a leak and the man has his finger in the hole, patching it for the time being. He knows that if he stays where he is, he will never experience the life that has been promised him. He also knows that if he allows the flood to come through that wall, he will surrender all control and life, as he knows it, will be forever changed. The moment comes and he realizes that he is the only thing standing between him and the life he desperately desires. He removes his finger, raises his hands and lets the whole thing crumble as the water of Yahweh’s river sweeps him away to a life of passion, adventure and purpose.

How many times do we resist the very thing that is designed to give us breakthrough? What are you holding on to right now that is keeping the flood from rushing into your life? Just let it go, and let His raging river take control.