We believe that music is one of the greatest mediums there is for communicating a concept.  A song speaks not only to your mind but also to your heart.  It is the goal of the worship team of The Rock of Northwest Arkansas to continually produce music that is commensurate with the Word that is being released in our house.  This usually translates into 1-2 songs per month.  We have two different live worship albums on our website that you can find here www.therocknwa.com.  We plan on releasing another live album in time for Christmas as well as begin production on a studio album.

There are so many gifted artists in our midst, not just musicians but painters, dancers, writers, woodworkers, composers and graphic designers.  Such a plethora of creativity causes us to wonder; What does a community of artisans look like?  Could a prophetically inspired painting or a poem written out of deep intercession be just as valuable to our culture as some of the creaturely activities we partake of on a daily basis?  I say yes-and more so.  Our society needs spirit-filled artists that will take the Word of Yahweh and display it in as many facets as possible.  We need the writer to pen words of freedom that will loosen the chains of the oppressed.  We need the painter to use color and texture to present Yahweh in a way that imparts vision in those who see it and we need the singer or musician to take the sound that the Father is making in the spirit and pull it in to the natural so we can hear it.  Christ in us is the hope of glory and we must let Him out.

So my charge to all you artists out there is simple, create.  Let the light of Yahweh’s glory shine forth from you in whatever medium He has given you to express Him.  Don’t worry about perfection, focus on expression.  The Kingdom is raw and gritty; it is not polished or packaged so don’t feel like you have to be.  The world is waiting for you to be who you really are.  So create!