The Rock of NW Arkansas

From the beginning, The Rock of Northwest Arkansas has been passionate about music.  When the ministry was founded in late 2001, Autumn Murner led the congregation with the aid of accompaniment tracks.  Knowing then that Yahweh had called The Rock to be an expression of worship through music (and other various art forms), Apostle Todd and Autumn began to prophesy that The Rock would be home to many musicians, songwriters, and artists.  It wasn’t long before that vision became a reality.  Songs began to be written, a band was formed, and there was no longer a need for accompaniment tracks.  Over the next several years, Autumn led the worship team as they wrote and released original music on a regular basis.  Spontaneous prophetic flow erupted frequently, providing an opportunity for members of the body to experience the freedom and joy that comes with abandoning yourself to Yahweh.  A culture was established that continues to mark The Rock as a place of worship and prophetic vision.


Recent Blogs


Movement and Sound

There is really no such thing as an inanimate object.  Sure, there are things all around you right now that are still and appear lifeless.  The building you’re in, the furniture you’re sitting on or the clothes that you’re wearing.  But the truth of the matter is that...

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My Story – By: Zack McKim

This month’s blog has been written by Zack McKim. Zack is one of our writers and he plays guitar on our worship team. He is a huge asset to our team and we are excited for him to share his story with you.   My Story By Zack McKim As a child I had the privilege of...

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Value and Importance

Where is the heart? It doesn’t seem like anyone puts heart into what they do anymore. We go through the motions hoping that we’ll “accidentally” do something of value. That we will stumble across importance. That doesn’t happen. Value and importance are illusive...

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In 2010 Autumn stepped down from her lead role as worship leader in order to provide a place for a young man named Kevin Kiehn to begin to develop his anointing.  Autumn remains in leadership at The Rock to this day as a dynamic minister alongside her husband Apostle Todd Murner.  The culture that she established in those early years continues to provide a foundation by which the worship team is building upon today – a foundation for which The Rock of Northwest Arkansas is eternally grateful.

Kevin Kiehn began singing and playing music at a very young age.  He formed a band with some friends in high school and shortly after graduating, received a recording contract with a label out of Nashville, TN.  He spent three years as a professional recording artist before coming home, off the road, to establish a more stable home life with Jessica Kiehn, his newly wed bride.  He joined the worship team of The Rock in 2007 and found a new call that went beyond his identity as a performer.  During this season, music took on a completely different meaning.  The mindsets, perceptions and purpose of music were challenged and redefined in the hearts and minds of all the singer, songwriters and musicians.  In 2010 Kevin became the worship leader of The Rock, and for the last five years has carried the torch of abandoned worship that was ignited by good and honest hearts many years earlier.  He, and the rest of the worship team, are passionate about the advancement of the Kingdom of heaven through the expression of music.

Today, through years of serving together, the worship team of The Rock has been galvanized into a dynamic ministry team.  The purpose of this site is to resource you with the various songs, stories, and perspectives on worship that have been given to this ministry.  May you be blessed richly as you join with us in experiencing what it means to worship the Father in spirit and in truth.